A Relevant Poetry Curriculum for 21st Century High School Students

Empower! Poetry Curriculum provides high school students with relevant poetry experiences that connect to their lives. This study is designed to help expand students' worldviews and strengthen their critical inquiry. Going beyond the canon, Empower! includes poets from diverse backgrounds and focuses on works that are relevant to the issues and life experiences of today's high school students. Empower! offers many writing opportunities across various genres and real-world audiences. Within this poetry study, students will conduct internet-based research and employ poems as mentor texts for their own poetry craft. This scaffolded curriculum can be used as a devoted six-week poetry study or each unit can supplement existing ELA literary studies.


Full Poetry Curriculum


Resources for Teachers


Resources for Students

Empower! is a multimodal poetry curriculum that utilizes online content from a variety of sources. To engage with the full features of this curriculum, computer and internet access will be needed for teachers and students. It is recommended that students have headphones or earbuds for the video and audio activities placed throughout the curriculum.

-Developed by Misty Maina, Western Michigan University student-scholar and future ELA educator-