Spoken Word Poetry

Week 2

Spoken Word Poetry or Slam Poetry is a genre of poetry that is designed to push back against issues and tell a story about a poet’s truth in the world. The lessons for this week are focused around helping students use Spoken Word poetry as a constructive vehicle for their own voices. Students will continue to employ a critical inquiry approach as they experience the selected spoken word poems. They will also continue to expand their worldview investigations as they explore an issue that is important to each of them. This week offers students an opportunity to work collaboratively with a partner if they chose. Get ready for a powerful week of Spoken Word Poetry!

Week 2 Lessons.pdf
Poetry Process Planner - Week 2.pdf
Publishing Possibilities.pdf
Digging Deeper handout.pdf
Critical Inquiry Exploration.pdf
Derived Poetry - Spoken Word Poems.pdf
Worldview Tools and Exploration.pdf
Derived Poetry - Articles.pdf
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