Cultural Heritage Poetry

Week 4

Poetry that explores and highlights aspects of a person’s cultural heritage offers students opportunities to expand their worldviews in meaningful ways. The activities and discussions for this week will help students define cultural heritage and learn how poets celebrate their cultural heritage through poetry. Students will explore aspects of their own cultural heritage and learn how critical inquiry through poetry can expand their understanding of the world and of themselves. Using a poem from this week's study as a mentor text, students will learn how to incorporate writerly moves of experienced poets into their own works. Throughout the week's exploration, students will engage in a recursive writing process as they craft their own cultural heritage poems. Finally, students will learn how to use poetry as a vehicle for their voices as they publish their cultural heritage poetry in class and beyond the classroom walls.

Week 4 Lessons.pdf
Poetry Process Planner - Week 4.pdf
Poet's Corner Weekk 4.pdf
Ode to Cheese Fries - Jose Olivarez.pdf
Diaspora - Azura Tyabji.pdf
Talking in Tongues - Frank X Walker.pdf
Publishing Possibilities.pdf
Insights into Cultural Heritage Poetry.pdf
Critical Inquiry Exploration.pdf
Crafting Cultural Heritage Poetry.pdf
Worldview Tools and Exploration.pdf
Peer Feedback Guidelines.pdf
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