Poetry Portfolio

Week 6

Incorporating an end-of-unit portfolio project offers students an opportunity to showcase their creative works. The Empower! Poetry Portfolio also provides students with the chance to develop the following skills:

· Long-term project organization and compilation

· Metacognitive thinking and writing

· Nonfiction research

· Interpersonal and public speaking

These skills will prove relevant for students in their future studies and in other areas of life (such as their work or hobbies). Ensure students receive at least a full week to assemble their portfolios and engage in the activities planned for this project.

Week 6 Lessons.pdf
Poetry Process Planner - Week 6.pdf
Prepping Your Portfolio - Printed Format.pdf
Prepping Your Portfolio - Digital Format.pdf
Featured Poet Flyer.pdf
Publishing Possibilities.pdf
Portfolio Mini-Conferences.pdf