Identity Poetry

Week 3

Poetry is an effective vehicle for expression in which students can explore facets of their own identities while learning about others. The goal of Week 3 is to introduce students to a genre of poetry that examines and shares personal identity. Often, students examine their own identities and look for outlets for expressing who they are. Identity poetry can help students gain insight into another person’s experiences and worldviews, and it can be a powerful basis for critical inquiry into the issues that people face in life. Allow this week to be exploratory as students consider important elements of their identities and learn how to creatively express who they are. This week’s Publishing Event is going to be an amazing opportunity to build a stronger classroom community as students share their identity poems. Please emphasize the need for a safe, welcoming classroom atmosphere every day, but especially the next few days leading up to the Publishing Event.

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Poetry Process Planner - Week 3.pdf
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This Body - Renee Watson.pdf
Two Names Two Worlds - Jonathan Rodriguez.pdf
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